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Manufacturing Flexibility That Delivers Top Results 

RIMEX has developed a unique manufacturing process we call “forming through machining” that allows for total flexibility in manufacturing and the ability to develop custom products for all major trucks on the market.

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The Process: 

  • Special high quality steel plate is burned into custom sized strip widths and thicknesses. These strips form the beginnings of various sections including backs, gutters, center-bands, bead-seat bands and flanges.
  • The strips that have been specially cut to suit your needs are then precision cold rolled in preparation for forming. RIMEX has the ability to cold roll up to 5” thick plates.
  • Through our state of the art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines, RIMEX custom manufactures rims and wheels to better suit all customer needs and meet the original OEM specifications.
  • Using advanced welding techniques, all wheels are put onto a welding fixture and submerged arc welding is used to obtain 100% weld penetration.
  • In the fabrication shop, these components come to life in the hands of RIMEX specialists who assemble the formed components into complete wheels/rims. RIMEX custom-built its assembly fitting machines which align all wheel/rim components to meet quality assurance regulations. RIMEX is the only manufacturer to have advanced wheel/rim technology to precisely match modern radial tire designs.
  • The RIMEX drilling process commences only after the welding process has been completed. This guarantees correct tolerance and proper fitting. RIMEX drills all stud holes as well as valve holes. RIMEX De-Fuzer Valve holes are drilled on request.
  • Quality control and third party testing are the fundamental elements of the RIMEX manufacturing process that allows us to stand behind our products, guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction every time.
  • The painting procedure begins with sandblasting to ensure the rim is clean and has a proper base for the paint to adhere to. All RIMEX wheels are painted with a base coat, a top coat and painted to OEM specifications.