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Built for Stress

The MES series is built to handle the 75% increase in stress transferred to the wheel/rim base by radial tires as compared to conventional bias tires. The true roundness achieved by custom machining creates a stronger wheel/rim with a uniform tire bead seal as well as a better flange, bead seat band and lock ring fitment. These special features produce higher safety factors as well as longer life for both rims and tires.

Created for Custom Applications 

RIMEX’s constant innovations are rapidly propelling wheel/rim technology into the future. The TSR Series is designed to provide even more advanced rim life by virtually eliminating flange movement. The TSR design offers extended tire life through a superior ability to stabilize the bead and sidewall of the tire. Similar to the MES Series, the machined surface of the TSR Series eliminates air leakage for more consistent tire performance, while retaining the strength and endurance that has made RIMEX a superior product.

Performance Proven by the World

Similar to the revolution that occurred when radial tires became available in the automobile sector; the introduction of the radial tire for industrial use has provided tremendous design and performance benefits. Only RIMEX MES and TSR Series of rims and wheels offer a proper foundation designed specifically for creating top performance in industrial radial tires.

Reduced Down Time 

With the development of the MES and TSR Series, the problems of early rim failure and accessory stress and flex are a thing of the past. RIMEX products have been tested and proven superior at major mining companies throughout the world, with the result that many now use the MES and TSR Series exclusively on their entire fleet of haul trucks. Reduced down time, lower maintenance costs and greater safety are just a few of the reasons why RIMEX products are currently employed in heavy industry worldwide.