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RIMEXCEL is a specially formulated light viscosity fluid that offers exceptional tire and wheel/rim protection when added to the tire air chamber. RIMEXCEL stops rust build up by providing a protective anti-oxidant on wheels and rims. Additionally RIMEXCEL reduces air loss by at least 60%, is easy to use, is non-flammable and contains no fibers or fillers.

The Right Formula for the Right Environment

AP Green AP 

The new enhanced performance RIMEXCEL will offer greater corrosion protection for your rims and wheels and will be even more environmentally and safety friendly.
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MLT Formula 

A mid-grade formula with extra freeze protection to -30° C.
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Arctic Formula 

Provides extra freeze protection for cold arctic climates. Intended for temperatures as low as -50° C.
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Reduces Air Loss for Longer Tire Life 

Between regular air checks, some loss of tire P.S.I. may happen. With each pound of pressure loss, load carrying capacity is reduced and tire temperatures increase. RIMEXCEL reduces this normal air loss by at least 60%. Bead seats, O-rings, vent hole leaking, blistered or cracked inner liners, even liners that are lifted loose from the ply, will be effectively sealed off by RIMEXCEL.

Easy to Use 

RIMEXCEL may be poured into the tire prior to mounting, or installed while the tire is inflated by a portable applicator tank.

Safety Enhancement 

RIMEXCEL is a non-flammable substance, safe for personnel and equipment. RIMEXCEL will frequently detect cracked rims before cracks are large enough to become a hazard to personnel. No fibers or fillers are used in the RIMEXCEL formulation so that rim cracks or serious tire injuries can lose air normally, reducing the chance of tire loss or blowout as the injured area expands in size.

Section Repairs 

RIMEXCEL keeps the inner liner lubricated and coated with a microscopic film of anti-oxidant protection. Sealed off from damaging oxidation, and cooled by the RIMEXCEL fluid, maximum bonding strength is retained for section adhesion in both the inner liner and the ply body. Should a section edge crack or pull loose, RIMEXEL will follow the air into the exposed cord and seal it off from air penetration. Under no circumstances will RIMEXCEL cause a section or patch to lift or peel.

Recommended Quantity Chart
2 Gallon
8 Litres
3 Gallon
12 Litres
4 Gallon
16 Litres
5 Gallon
19 Litres
6 Gallon
23 Litres
9 Gallon
35 Litres
10 Gallon
38 Litres
12 Gallon
46 Litres
14 Gallon
53 Litres
16 Gallon
61 Litres
13.00 x 24/25 18.00 x 25 29.5 x 29 35/65 x 33 40/65 x 39 30.00 x 51 37.00 x 57 44/80 x 57 53.5 x 57 65/65 x 57



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