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Tire Monitoring That Makes Sense. 

After fuel, tires are often a mine’s largest expense. Accurate information is key to achieving optimum tire performance and ensuring maximum tire life. TyreSense is a tire pressure monitoring system using innovative technology to electronically monitor and display actual running tire pressures and temperatures.

Designed with an understanding that each mine site is unique, TyreSense is fully customizable to each site – big or small. Best of all, the system is completely upgradeable so you’ll never need to buy a new system again.

Please visit the TyreSense website at www.tyresense.com for more information, in addition to the client support area and customer log-in where you can download comprehensive TyreSense guides and manuals.

Maximize Performance. Minimize Wear.

  • Using TyreSense can improve the conditions and productivity of your worksite because TyreSense can…
  • Save Tires – Alerts in real time prevent necessary adjustments from going unnoticed, preventing premature failure in the field and extending tire life.
  • Increase Productivity – With less premature tire failures, vehicles spend more time in operation enhancing levels of production.
  • Save Fuel – Properly inflated tires operating at optimum temperature and pressure carry loads more efficiently, saving on fuel and costs.
  • Save Lives – Have confidence knowing your tires are working under ideal conditions, reducing the risk of potentially harmful on-site tire failures.

How TyreSense Works For You

  • A sensor located inside the tire chamber reads tire pressures and temperatures – both running and cold inflation can be read.
  • The sensor in the tire transmits temperature and pressure information in real time to an onboard black box.
  • Tire information is time-stamped and stored for future analysis.
  • A display unit within the cab displays real-time information, as well as alerting the driver to critical conditions.
  • Conditions like an over or under inflated tire, leaking tire or excessive temperatures are all relayed to the driver for immediate attention.
  • Tire personnel can also use the system for fine-tuning, to extend the life of their tires. 
For more information on how TyreSense can work for you click here.



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