Taper Secure Radial (TSR) Series

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The unique design of the Taper Secure Radial (TSR) Series uses a taper concept to secure all components in place. Absolute stability of components and the tire is achieved as movement between parts is eliminated. When the tire is inflated, the rim parts lock into their tapered landing areas.

The key benefit of the TSR design is absolute tire support. The flanges of the wheel do not move on the base. The tire is anchored with complete stability and no air pressure is lost. As well as extending tire life, the life of rim components is increased as there is no wearing or fatiguing of the parts from component movement.

Available in wheel sizes 29" - 63"

Why TSR?

  • Unique Tapered Design - The tapered design and increased material in critical mass areas eliminates component movement and flexing. The close machining tolerances and the 100% roundness of the machined taper design virtually eliminate beadseat band and lock ring damages that are common with standard designs. Additionally, the fully machined bead seating areas of the rim makes the mounting and demounting of tires easier, saving time and reducing the truck’s downtime.
  •  Increased Tire Performance - Tires mounted to a TSR assembly will operate in the field longer than with standard rim designs for several reasons. The fully machined components of the TSR wheel provide a perfect fit, giving excellent retention for the tire. Tires can even be run at reduced air pressures without leading to wheel component indexing or air loss due to tire movement. As the components do not move, there is minimal build-up of tire temperature caused by friction from component movement. With all the components locked into place, the TSR design ensures a firm seal against the rim.
  • No Tire Bead Damage - The fully machined bead seat areas give a smooth surface for the tire beads to mount against. Damage to this area of the tire is a major cause of air loss, and is virtually eliminated because of this design feature. By keeping the bead areas of the tire intact, tires that have repairable tread damage will have better air retention when reinstalled.
  • The new sizes of scientifically designed low-profile tires designed to operate at lower air pressures and carry higher loads, exert substantially more pressure on a rim. The flexing and movement of the tire often leads to greater movement of the tires’ beads along the seating areas of the rim. The RIMEX TSR Series is designed to stabilize and anchor the tire beads, allowing the radial tire to operate to its design potential.