Machined Extreme Service (MES) Series

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All MES rim components are manufactured to be fully compatible with standard product. We offer fully machined bead seating areas and hot formed side rings for superior strength and tire support. Our machining process allows us to add material mass in critical areas where rim cracking is common.

Available in wheel sizes 25" - 63"

Why MES?
  • Fully machined and truly round – each component is fully machined from rolled steel to ensure optimal roundness providing an exact fit of rim components and tire bead. The tire bead has 75% more contact area on the rim to seal air in the tire, preventing air loss and reducing tire slippage.
  • Thicker bead seat band and back section – with our unique manufacturing process we are able to increase the steel mass of the rim by up to 40% in critical areas. The thicker MES gutter section provides uniform roundness for more consistent wheel roll, better O-ring seal and superior ‘hoop strength’.
  • Designed for heavier loads – the fully machined 28° mounting taper gives increased steel mass and exact machining in critical strength areas helping to maintain proper tire pressure and extending tire life. • Guaranteed longer service life – our 100% penetration submerged arc weld on our back section and gutter sections creates the strongest wheel possible.