Integral Gutter Lock Ring (IGLR) Series

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In the search to make tire fitting even easier, RIMEX has designed the Integral Gutter Lock Ring (IGLR,) Series complementing the DGS concept of outside tire removal. Like the DGS, the IGLR is engineered with an extra beadseat band and O-ring. The IGLR differs from the DGS in that its inner lock ring is machined into its profile and it is used on inner dual and steer positions only.

Available in wheel sizes 49” – 63”

Why IGLR? 

  • Inner lock ring is machined right into the wheel base.
  • Less down time during tire servicing as there is no need to remove the outer dual wheels when servicing the rear tire positions.
  • Faster and safer tire changes when using tires with pre-mounted component parts for faster tire changes. Tires with pre-mounted component parts are interchangeable between every position.
  • Use of hydraulic rams and pumps are eliminated during the removal of the tire from the machine.

Cost Savings: 

When using the RIMEX DGS series in conjunction with the IGLR series, the potential time and cost savings is significant. The DGS and IGLR can potentially reduce the tire mounting and demounting time by half, meaning trucks return to service faster, directly translating into higher cost savings.

For a complete demonstration on the time and cost savings of the IGLRand DGS series click here.