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RIMEX presents the Mobile Press, a revolutionary portable earthmover tire press. The Mobile Press is engineered to easily remove an earthmover tire from its multi-piece rim. This unique process can be utilized in earthmover applications for 51”-63” tire sizes.

Easy to Use 

The user friendly, time saving equipment is packaged in rugged industrial cases. The design of the Mobile Press allows it to be easily transported and be stored in relatively small spaces. The cost of the Mobile Press is also significantly less than a standard tire press. With proper training, any employee can safely operate the Mobile Presssystem with ease and confidence.

To watch a video demonstration of the Mobile Press in action click here.


The custom made interchangeable jaws (specified by the customer) allow the Mobile Press to be used in numerous wheel applications. The solid grip and rigidity, provided by the custom jaws, breaks the tire bead from the backsection or bead band without damaging the tire or wheel components.

Important Safety Features 

Inline factory set regulator 

Prevents the user from exceeding operational safety limits. For example, a user may be operating the pneumatic torque wrench but is not aware of the torque levels. The user could cause serious injury to himself or a co-worker. The inline factory set regulator ensures safe torque levels are met at all times.

Inline Trigger 

Is an integral safety feature of the Mobile Press system. It allows the unit to be operated from at least six feet away from the tire. The operator can control the system from a safe distance and may help to avoid serious injury.